My New Project, A Building Made From Recycled Material.

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The old white tent is coming down and is all but gone. I bought it to keep my car out of the weather and I have to say it served me well for the money I paid for it.

Now we're down to the bare bottom. Time to start building back up.

Before I get started putting this frame up there was one last branch I never finished cutting off this old Black Walnut tree because the pieces would have fallen on the old white tent. Now I have a clear shot to get rid of this limb.

I nailed a 2x8 board on top of the timbers, shimmed it using my laser level, and I got the first piece of frame upright. I still have to cut the end off nearest the trailer and slide it back into place but at least I figured out how to get the frames upright by myself.

First was to tie a rope to the top of the peak going in both directions. Then hoist the frame up as high as I could get it and support it with a 2x4.

Then pull on the one rope and the frame rose right up into place. The second rope keeps the frame from going to far.

I tied the ropes off loose so I could make adjustments to the frame so it will slip into place on the first piece. The pieces sticking out are notched so the next piece should fit right in snug to the first piece. After the two pieces were fit together snug, I lashed them together with rope to hold them fast. I repeated this procedure on each section down the line.

Things have worked as planned so far and here is the fifth section out of six ready to be hoisted into place.

All six sections are up and lashed together with ropes now.

Next step is to weld all the cross pieces together so the frame can stand on it's own. I caught myself on fire a couple of times during this part of the project.

There were a lot of cross pieces and 45 degree pieces to weld in place but now they are done and the frame is very sturdy now. I've started to add the plywood strips that the metal roofing will be attached to.

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