I Call This One The North Carolina Pig Cooker.

I got this pig cooker off of E-Bay from a really nice guy in Faison North Carolina. He did a wonderful job on this unit. I hated to take my torch and cut up his work, but I wanted to do some modifications to "fancy" it up some before I put it in service. It's made out of 11ga carbon black plate and was bent on a brake and fully welded. It's a propane unit with a small burner on the front for chicken, corn, fish or shrimp. I suppose you could even deep fat fry a turkey also.

Here's how it looked on E-Bay

This is how it looked when I got it home

The first thing that had to be replaced was the stacks. These nice chrome ones with baffles will work just fine. I also cut off the fenders and am getting ready to redo the axle so I can mount some mag wheels.

I have now made the new axle from scratch and installed it, as well as the fenders and lighting system.

Road ready and ready to cook!.

Your Finished Product Should Look Like This!!.

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