55 Gallon Drum Grills.

These 55 Gallon drums make nice backyard grills. They are very sturdy and will last a long time if painted every year.

Here is the first set of drums I did.

The next one is a more fancy model for my grinder buddy L.T.

First, they have to be cut in half and the edges framed to cover the sharp edges and stiffen them up. In these first pics the piano hinge has already been welded in place.

Here the chrome stacks and dampemers have been welded on and the air intake vents have been installed.

Almost done. The legs are attached and the wheels are on. A lid stopping hindge was put on to keep the lid from flipping over backwards. The coal and cook grates have been installed. All that's needed now is paint and spit shine

It's all painted and primed up and ready to use for the first time at a game feed down at my gun club.

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