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Welcome To Randy's Rack
A Little Bit About Who I Am And What I Do

My name is Randy White. I am a ASE certified mechanic specializing in undercar work and also have a background with machine work including CNC milling and I have gone to school for computer repair and service. I am A+ Net+ certified in that field. I have worked in the Frederick Maryland area for the past 16 years and worked in Frederick for a time years before. I perform mostly routine maintenance repairs on just about any kind of cars that rolls in the door. I also do entire suspension and brake rehabilitations on older classic muscle cars. I have a following of car buffs who know that when I do the work on their car it will be done correctly. I also have a number of companies who send me extremely modified cars and trucks to do wheel alignments on. Most mechanics will not even touch a truck that has been lifted 10 inches or slammed to the ground but I see work like that as a challenge and a unique niche market for my skills. I started snapping pictures of the more unique rides I have encountered and have placed them on a web page that continues to grow larger and larger every year.

One of my hobbies / skills is welding and metal work. I enjoy designing and building custom grills and cookers. Ive done so many of them to date that I did not keep track of them for the longest time. I now photograph every one I create and have compiled a web page with them. When you look at the different designs you can see that I have experimented with a lot of ideas, some of them better then others. If you would like me to build a custom cooker for you just drop me a line and well talk about it.

Please explore the links to the left to see my shop being built, some of the projects I have worked on, and some of the "cool cars" that have crossed my alignment rack.